Sunday, July 18, 2010

Leaving the comforts of home

A month and a half ago I got in a flight from Cagayan de Oro to Manila for an indefinite stay. Having a vague picture of the future and feeling uncertain of what will happen is definitely valid yet I should not focus on these thoughts but rather focus on what I can do where I am.

Leaving the comforts of home was a tough decision that I had to make. And as I write I remembered the boy in the book "THE ALCHEMIST" who searched for his hidden treasure. He would just go for it. And at every point in his life he would make it a point to excel, help people along the way and never fail to seek advice.

I can relate to the story of the book. I can recall a quote in the book that said,

"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure"

Yes, I admit. I am afraid to fail. But without failure, I will not grow. And I know that If I constantly seek advice from the Word and ask advice from other people then there is a greater possibility of succeeding than failing.

Leaving the comforts of home could be one of the best decisions I ever made. I know I'd still go back to Bukidnon, 'cause that's where my heart is. But for now...I'm hoping to make my dream become a reality, one step at a time.


  1. You are such a wonderful individual, Jai! I have a friend who tends to dwell on the problems she has ( i have to admit, it's pretty hard not to when you are challenged :-) ). Anyway, having watched her grow in the church i thought she could benefit from a bit of outsider's perspective. So when she was confiding in me some of the things that are bothering her, i asked her to remember where she was 5 years ago. And then i told her what i have seen in her life. She has come a long, long way and was not realizing it. The way to go about life is to make the best decisions you can at any given time. They may not be popular or acceptable. The only thing you have to consider is if it is right with our Heavenly Father and according to the teaching of Jesus Christ. One thing i can tell you, the commandments we are given is so that He can bless us in every way possible. I can't wait to talk to you about this 5 years from now :-) You are awesome!

  2. Hi Jai, I got this from "God Whisper". I like to share it with you.

    "It's okay to fail. Never be afraid of failure. Failure is the only pathway to success. So fail often. And fail quickly. So that you can start again. The most successful people in the world are those who have failed the most."

    Have faith,

    P.S. The Cross was the greatest failure, Jai. But it gave the world its greatest victory.